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Uganda Gorilla Tours.

Gorilla tours in Uganda offer extraordinary opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, this involves the gorilla trekking experience, choice of parks, permit acquisition, accommodation choices, cultural experiences, customized itineraries, professional guides and conservation contributions back to the community.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is a captivating adventure where visitors hike through lush forests to encounter endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national park are the main destinations where you get to encounter these incredible primates within their natural habitat.

Bwindi national park is located in southwestern Uganda, a UNESCO world heritage site renowned for its incredible biodiversity and hosting endangered mountain gorillas with roughly half of the global population.

Bwindi impenetrable national park offers a unique experience for travelers through gorilla trekking, allowing them venture into the heart of the forest to witness these majestic creatures in their natural environment. The experience not only provides an unforgettable encounter with wildlife but also supports conservation initiatives aimed a preserving this extra ordinary habitat.

Mgahinga gorilla national park is located in south western Uganda a haven for the endangered mountain gorillas, as similar to Bwindi.  It is part of the Virunga massif and shares borders with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Spanning an area of about 33.7 square kilometers, this park is known for stunning landscapes, three conical volcanoes that is Muhabura, Gahinga and Sabyinyo, and its role in mountain gorilla conservation. It offers unique gorilla trekking experiences providing a habitat for golden monkeys too which is another rare primate species.

In addition to primate encounters, it also offers hiking trails that take visitors through bamboo forests, swamps and volcanic peaks. The panoramic views from the volcanoes are breathtaking, providing a rewarding experience for trekkers.  
the cultural aspect is not overlooked, as Mgahinga is home to the Batwa people and guided cultural walks allow visitors to learn about their history, traditional practices and the delicate balance between conservation and local live hoods.

Mgahinga gorilla national park, with its blend of gorilla conservation, scenic beauty and cultural richness, stands as a unique destination in the heart pf the Virunga massif.

Process of booking a gorilla permit in Uganda.

To book a gorilla permit in Uganda, you need to follow these steps below,

  1. Choose the park.

Decide whether you want to trek gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga national park because each offers a distinctive experience.

  1. Select the gorilla family.

Identify the gorilla family you want to visit especially if you are trekking gorillas in Bwindi.

  1. Contact the Uganda wildlife authority.

Get in touch with Uganda Wildlife Authority, a body that manages gorilla permits. You can contact them directly or use an authorized tour operator.

  1. Check availability.

Inquire about availability of permits for your preferred date and gorilla family. Gorilla permits are limited so its advisable to book well in advance.

  1. Provide details.

Share your personal details including passport information with the UWA or chosen tour operator for permit registration.


Pay for permits, the cost varies and fees contribute to gorilla conservation efforts. Payments are typically nonrefundable, so confirm your plans before booking.

  1. Receive confirmation.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a permit, ensure all details on the permit are accurate.

  1. Travel arrangements and gorilla trekking experiences.

Plan your travel to the starting point of your gorilla trek. This may involve reaching a specific park entrance depending on your chosen gorilla family. On the scheduled day, present your permit and embark on the gorilla trek with a guide. The trek duration can vary and encountering the gorillas is a unique and regulated experience.

You are advised to book your gorilla permit in advance because they are always on high demand especially during the peak seasons.

Best time to do gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking can be done throughout the year but the best time for gorilla trekking in Uganda is during the dry seasons, which generally occur from June to September and December to February. During these months, the weather is more predictable and trails are less muddy making the trekking experience more comfortable.

Price of gorilla permits in Uganda.

A gorilla permit in both Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park costs,

USD 800 per person for foreign non-residents.

USD 700 per person for foreign residents.

UGX 300,000 per person for east African citizens

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Unforgettable Rwanda Emerald tailored our 5 day trip to Rwanda to all our many and frequently changing requests without any fuss. Chris, our driver/guide for the duration, could not have been more helpful and professional
Amazing holidays! Great holidays! Even my special wishes were included into the planning although time was short. Our guide and driver City Tyson Magezi was caring and responsible. We traveled for four weeks and stayed in different accommodations from hut to tent to amazing hotels.
Just amazing It felt so safe and comfortable and exciting to travel with emerald. Our guide was so caring, so experienced and always friendly and an a great mood. He showed us so many animals included lions and leopards. That was just amazing . We saw wonderful landscapes like waterfalls and had contact to people . No Uganda or Eastern Africa without emerald . I m deep in love with Uganda and will come back as soon as possible.
Jose Murta
Jose Murta
Memorable Family Trip in Uganda Fantastic Trip that exceeded our expectations! Travelled to Uganda with wife and 2 children (9 and 10y old) for 7 days. Since the start (at planning stage) got a great support from Bob (company owner) and Edmund (our guide) via WhatsApp. They tailored a program to our needs including the unforgettable mountain gorillas hike, general hikes to waterfalls, safari including boat trip to see hipos!! Edmund, our guide, always super polite and the kids enjoyed him a lot! All our hotels, meals included in the package so no hassle on this….we just paid for drinks! The only regret I have is not staying one extra day in the Mburo National Park to explore a bit more ;) Memorable trip with so much nature and a super-humble people that made the experience even more enjoyable!! Super recommend!! The whole family just feeling we need to get back to explore more ;)
Dwayne B
Dwayne B
Great Experience With Emerald!! It was an amazing experience! My guides Lucky and Hillary made me feel as if I was family and took care of everything I needed. They were very knowledgeable as we trekked to gorillas in Bwindi and a ride a wildlife safari through Queen Elizabeth. I learned so much from them about the animals, the terrain and the surrounding people. They we also incredibly helpful in helping me find activities around Buhoma, where I stayed, all of which were great. By the time I left I knew I had made friends who I will continue to stay in touch with. Can’t wait to come back with my family!
Dávid B
Dávid B
Feeding python - 9 lions on a tree - leopard vs. lion We saw all animals and extremely special situations in a short period of time, good organization and friendly guide Paul with lots of knowledge.
Unforgettable trip! We spent one week in Uganda travelling by the guidance of Gorilla Experience safari. The whole experience were definitely above our expectations. Edmand was a friendly, polite and kind guide the whole time!
Vit Siv
Vit Siv
Ultimately Unique Experience of Uganda! It was unbelievable unique experience, one in a life time. Everything right from arrival to minor ditals was taken care of, too service! Itinerary was compiled/tailor to our wishes and needs as well as to include as much activities as possible. Tyson was our guide. He is an amazing guide, but even better person. He did an incredible job to put this all together, and make it all happen. We managed to do everything we wanted and even more. Definitely a trip to remember!!
Emmanuel OKalany
Emmanuel OKalany
A rewarding experience for a family visit to queen Elizabeth National Park My family and I had an excellent guided tour to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The itinerary planning provided was good and the costing of items was realistic. The care and hospitality of the team was excellent. They were also flexible to make time adjustments brought about because of traveling with children
Gordon Y
Gordon Y
Trip to Kaiso Tonya Game Reserve The guide/driver was too keen to find out my interests. That way, we always had something to talk abouts. Thank you


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